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Walkout is a new escape the room game in Gdynia. It is a form of entertainment known from computer games. Now you have the opportunity to experience the full of adrenaline adventure in reality. We guarantee an unforgettable experience and great fun in the Tricity.You can choose from 8 completely different rooms.

You have 60 minutes – Invite your friends and stand up for the challenge!


60 minutes

You have 60 minutes to escape from the room. Throughout the gameplay you are watched by observers who will provide guidance, when necessary.

2-5 players

We invite you to participate in a game in groups from 2 to 5 people. The more of you come, the bigger fun! It will also be easier for you to escape.


The purpose of the game is to escape from the room in less than 60 minutes. To achieve this you have to cooperate and together solve all the puzzles!

Choose your room -> Book it -> Come and have fun!

Our rooms :



Are you ready for an amazing journey into Cyberspace?

Ostatni Egzorcyzm

The Final Exorcism

Will you manage to perform the final exorcism and get out of the secured area in one piece?

Oddział psychiatryczny

The Psychiatric Ward

Nobody knows what happened years ago in this place ... Do you have enough courage to find out?

Gniew Bogów

The Wrath of the Gods

In Egypt, a group of archaeologists found an ancient treasure. However, the gods wish it to be returned to its place. Can you prevent the apocalypse?


The Nightmare

People hide in their dreams their darkest secrets ... Are you ready to enter the nightmare and find your way out?


Saw - Redemption

How much will you sacrafice to stay alive? Let's play a game...

Pokój agenta Snow

The Agent Snow's Room

Top secret Agent Snow was on the trail of terrorists who wanted to take possession of weapon of mass destruction. Help him to finish his work and save the city from destruction!

Zapomniany pokój

The Forgotten Room

Do you have enough courage to enter the house abandoned for years? Its story hides some dark secrets that will certainly surprise you!


Invite your friends for an adventure! The more of you come - the less you pay for a person!

2 people 160 zł

3 people 180 zł

4 people 200 zł

5 people 220 zł

Extra person +20 zł

-30PLN for the next room the same day!

-20% birthday discount!

Visit our facebook fanpage to learn more about current discounts!

You can also purchase a voucher for a price depending on number of people. An excellent choice for a gift!

Perfect entertainment :


If you think you're doing very well in the virtual world, test your skills in solving various puzzles live!

Emotions and adrenaline guaranteed!


Instead of going to cinema, take you friends or family and feel like inside a real movie!

We guarantee an unforgettable experience and great fun!


Do you want to prepare a memorable evening for your employees, during which they will have the opportunity for integration and amazing adventure?

Walkout is the best choice!

This is a great fun for everyone! No matter your age, if you like excitement and riddles you will definitely like it. You came to Gdynia on vacation and do not know how to spend your free time? You are looking for a unique way to date, birthday party or entertainment for your employees? Visit Walk out and feel like a hero of the movie!

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